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Did You Marry the Wrong Person?


It does take work to turn it around....
someone has to be bold and reach out.

The marriage toolbox gives you great tools for repairing marriage like our expert counseling! (2k)
If it seems
your marriage
has suffered
too much to
be repaired,
that the
is too great, remember
this: The
most valuable
treasure is
the one almost
lost, and love
forged in fire
is stronger
than steel.
It's not
the big
musical tastes)
that matter;
have nothing
in common

and still
Believe it or not,
in all but the most extreme cases,
it takes a LOT less work
to turn the light back on in marriage
than to start over from scratch.
little things
like sharing
a dream,
the same
sense of humor,
even the
same temper,
that really matter,
that's what
lets you
see into
each other's
Soul .

Did YOU marry the wrong person?
Or did you think you did, once,
but now see it differently? Or not?

What would you add to this page?

Thank you to the readers that
wrote in to share what is on this page.

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