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The Engaged Couple’s Class
The R-part of Your Relationship in Email format

Marriage is a journey. The Engaged Couple’s Class is a roadside stop along the way that puts attention on the R-Part of married life, the "relationship part" of your relationship. It carves out time so you can look at and learn more about HOW you communicate together--your skills and choice of words--especially when a deeper or sensitive issue is on the table. The class focuses on the words and tone we use in communicating and its effect on the relationship at the time.This class is an effective (and fun) marriage education class in just four short sessions. It is designed to take you to the next level of preparedness for married life. It satisfies the need to not leave one stone unturned toward your success together.

For more information, email me at <> with the following subject line: ECC 1 - your 1st names -need more info

E.g., ECC 1 Julie & Jeremy -need more info.


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