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The Wedding Day Visual


In a moment you will read a guided visualization script. This will take you inside of your mind so you can use your imagination to choose, develop and particularize just how you would like your wedding day, your ceremony and all the preparations involved, to be. You DO have a lot to do with all this. This is your marriage and your start as husband and wife and if you don't mind us saying, you should have it the way that you two want.

You can do this right now while in front of your monitor. Or you may print it out and go somewhere more relaxing. You may read this to yourself and do it or you and your partner may take turns reading it to each other. Whichever place or way you do it, open your mind to the most wonderful possibilities before you as all things are possible in Love.

So.....let yourself relax...really relax....let yourself settle into gravity......let your breathing be natural and easy. Let your body breathe, just breathe itself. Start by taking a deep inhalation and filling up with the love your spouse-to-be feels for you and the love you have inside of yourself for him/her. Now exhale any thoughts about your day, any concerns, any tension or stress that you feel and let it go. . . Now think yourself a prayerful thought or just listen to the may close your eyes if you'd like if this is being read to you . . . .

Begin to use your imagination to see the most beautiful ceremony taking place--your wedding. Perhaps you start with waking up in the morning on wedding day. You have just had a beautiful restful sleep (even if perhaps you got to bed later than you would have liked). You had the perfect dreams for you...You wake up feeling so refreshed and so blessed with what is coming this day. You feel good. You are organized. You know what you will be doing each step of the way. You see this clearly. If any concerns come up, just see them resolving peacefully and smoothly inside of you (no matter what happens with others or outside of you). See that you have allowed enough time to do everything just right. . .

Then move to where you will be dressing just before the ceremony. . . See yourself as having remembered to take with you everything that you needed including any extra items in case of an emergency.

How would you like your pre-ceremony-getting-ready-time to be?

What do you want it to feel like there?

How relaxed do you want to be?

How do you want your contact with others to be?

With a parent or parents?

Or friends?

And now go to your pre-ceremony photos.

How relaxed do you want to be?

Do you want yourself to smile easily and have fun? Of course...see THAT then.....

And now go to your processional. Are you in the moment? How do you feel? Describe how it feels to be walking down the aisle (or having been standing their waiting for your bride). And to be approaching the man (woman) you will be soon be married to. Picture the setting and all the details for the ceremony. What is your attention on as you walk to the altar. Can you hear the music? Can you smell your bouquet? Who do you notice? Is there a smile on your face? Or what kind of look do you have? How does your dress feel (your tux, your shoes, your tie)? If a feeling of anxiety or worry comes with any thought, just see that concern working itself out quickly and smoothly or dissolving into the Love that is present... See it as a fact that there is so much love present at your ceremony that anything and everything not for the highest good just falls away. Anything not love just doesn't survive at your wedding. See this Love, as reflected in your relationship together, going ahead of you right now, from this moment as you are reading this and preparing the way in the days to come for everything good to have an easy time coming.

(Remember that this is not just some nice thought that can't amount to anything.This is you actually telling the universe how you want it so the universe clearly knows what to give you).

Now fill in some details that you want that aren't covered here. In the process, see develop the picture fully, see the particulars you want: the flowers, the fragrances at your ceremony, the music, the specialness in all the people who are witnessing your marriage. Put a big smile on your face right now because of how well your wedding day is**. And know how grateful you are for the wedding professionals serving you. That this is all not because of magic or luck, rather, it is because you took the time to select the best professionals to work for you and you communicated clearly with them and took care of yourself. The whole process was expertly visualized, planned, guided, organized and rehearsed and received as a blessing, in gratitude.

And now feel free to add even more details about your special day and when you are done, bring the visual to a close by expressing your thankfulness and gratitude in some way.

**There is an ancient saying, Baruch Bashan, which means: The blessings already are.
What do you think of this? Do you agree? What does this mean to you? We would very much love to know what you think.

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Creating Marriage

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