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Marriage Means . . .

36 engaged couples of diverse backgrounds and ages completed
the following phrase:


. . . being joined together forever with my soul mate. Doing everything
and anything I can for my husband and always being by his side no
matter what.

. . . two coming together as husband and wife to support each other in
all life's endeavors. ...lots and lots of love, support and understanding.

. . . waking up and seeing someone next to you that cares for you.
Building a life together and obtaining common goals. Looking into her
eyes and truly expressing my feeling to her and seeing her smile.

. . . to interject the proper amount of fun and spontaneity to keep the
marriage alive.

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  . . . to enjoy each other and appreciate each other in good or bad times. To be responsible to ourselves each other and the family. To have time for ourselves to be special with special memories.

. . . life full of happiness and love sharing - making coffee for my honey in the morning.

. . . becoming one with my sweetheart.

. . . (being) there for her as a friend. To always make up even if we didn't have an argument.

. . . spending my life with the one person I truly love and trust. To help each other through everything we experience in life.

. . . a joined effort moving forward in this life together; someone to laugh with, love and share my dreams well.

. . . a sharing of good times and bad moments together. A lifelong golfing partner.

. . . believing in yourself first and then in your spouse to help him be the best he can be. Minimizing the negative and focusing on the positive, yet not glossing over rough spots; problems don't have to mean weaknesses they can strengthen the relationship. Finally it is knowing when to detach from our own selfish needs andmake those of the marriage or of my partner a priority, which goes back to respect, concern and love for my husband.

. . . someone who is there when you need them and knows when to give you space - a family partner.

. . . someone to laugh with, cry with and pray with.

. . . a communion of souls.

. . . sharing our lives, our good times and bad; not having to drive between two houses. ...partners for life.

. . . a life-long committment to love and respect . . . and to help him grow in any way I can.

. . . a union of the lives of two people who love and respect each other resulting in a life long union, strengthening both through each other's ideas, aspirations and commitment.

. . . {a} sealing of a commitment (long overdue 7 years).We have been learning over all these years to accept each other as we are and will continue through the rest of our lives. We've comfortable with eachother - soul mates per say. We'll grow together and separately.

. . . {that} there's a loved one at home for me to go to. I'm there for her no matter what. She makes me laugh and also sees very different views to make me think about).

. . . a lifetime commitment to my best friend and cookies during basic training (going into the service after the wedding).

. . . someone to show my emotions with.

. . . the joing of two people in a holy Realm where they choose to be by each other's side through thick and thin. They live, grow and learn with each other.

. . . the commitment to spend the rest of my life with him. Put his needs on the same level as mine . . . a lifetime commitment. I believe very strongly in a lifetime marriage and try for any reason to see this belief through.

. . . that I've chose to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, the only woman that is meant for me.

. . . the importance of a family as a unit.

. . . someone to keep you from doing the things you shouldn't.

. . . spending time together, being present, agreeing to help others and emboding our shared principles.

. . . a time when one makes a commitment ot another person and to love and cherish and to grow forever. Also is a time to share socks and sweatshirts officially.

. . . the end of a long search for what was missing in my life. My Soul is Happy.



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