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The Personal Power Statement

A tiny little page on how to get more of what you want for yourselves in life.

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It's like this: There are definitely things you can do to accelerate the learning, growth and well being in your lives, individually and together. You are never a victim of anything (if you choose to look at it that way). You have the power and the inner guidance to advance yourself anywhere. The Personal Power Statement-tool will assist you. First, think about something you want more of in your life, for yourself. More of a certain quality you have? Better health? Financial freedom? Acceptance of something or someone?

Make it a big one. Got it? Good. Now reflect for a moment, do you really want this? Could you receive it in your life? Soon?
Secondly, would you give a new tool (or a new way of using an old tool) a decent chance to work? Would you give it all you got if there was a chance you would get what you said you wanted above? Great, then you're in the right place because, to the extent you work this tool, it does work.

Our knowing comes from two things: (l) The universe we live in is about, and offers, unlimited good for all, and, (2) You have unlimited access to the power and creativity to receive the universe's offer (and to the extent you avail yourself of this, you are it).

When you create a Personal Power Statement you are power-broadcasting your intention into the universe. The deeper the you in you that broadcasts this, the more powerful the broadcast. You are demonstrating to the Giver of Things (we're staying away from religious terminology so everyone can relate easily) that you are serious about what you want (which is why you're putting the time you're putting into this). Another way to understand this is to remember when you were younger when you may have focused the sun's energy through a magnifying glass to see how it would burn a piece of paper? All you had to do was use the right tool, hold it steady and close enough and it worked. Remember? How amazed you were that something so simple could be so powerful and cause the paper to burn? That you made this work? Are you starting to get a sense of how this works?

"The more definite you are about what you want, the more definite the Giver of Things is in giving it to you."

Think about this: If a person has a foggy intention, or no intention at all let's say, however much the universe would like to give to him/her (the universe always wants to give), it does not honestly know what to give. Instead, the universe either gives nothing or gives just to the extent of what it knows the person wants (it typically does not read into or try to figure out foggy intentions).

Ever wanted something and didn't get it, or didn't get as much of it as you wanted? Sure, we all have. The good news is that it's never too late to get what we want. At the precise moment a person is clear, from head to toe, in every cell of the body, because the Giver of Things is always ready, THAT is the moment the universe says: "Ah ha, I get what is being asked for here!" And that is the very moment the order department puts the package together, wraps it and ships it overnight.

Are you ready to receive the overnight you deserve?

There are three parts to a Personal Power Statement: the beginning, middle and the end. The beginning and the end are standard as you will see. The middle is where you tailor the statement to you. You will be able to select from stock phrases relating to prosperity, relationships and health, for example, OR you may write your own.

Once you have a statement that represents you, you can start the most important part: using it. How yo use it, and to the extent you use it, is the difference between it working and not working (like everything else in life, right?)

The middle should have nothing at all to do with anyone but you. If you really want your partner to be successful in something, lets say, rather than making a statement for your partner, make it about you being the best teammate and partner on Earth for his/her success to happen. Your middle statement pertains to what is within your control.

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I am successful in my career. I give one hundred percent daily in building a lasting and fulfilling marriage with my partner. I am take charge with my health. I am an effective communicator with my partner. I am always keeping myself in balance in this relationship. I am receiving my partner's love.
Use "I AM " as the 1st part (this keeps the statement in the present moment and is most powerful):
 Marriage Toolbox (I Am 2k gif)
  2. THE MIDDLE:  

 Marriage Toolbox "Thank You For This" ( 3k gif)
  • If you wrote your own words for the middle part, go to the drop down list and select the bottom line which is blank so only your words are shown.
  • If your didn't write your own words for the middle part, highlight and delete the line: " Write over this line to have the middle part in your own words".
  • The 3rd part ("Thank You for this..."), which we wrote in as a suggestion, can be changed of course to suit your needs. It's always about making this work for you.

Use it. It's that simple. Write, draw, color or print it out. Memorize it. Put it up in key places so it catches your eye and you are reminded, reinforced and empowered often. 'Using it' is an advertising campaign you create in marketing this idea to the Giver of Things.


  • Your desk;
  • The mirror in your bathroom.
  • In your drawers (underwear, junk, kitchen, socks, office supplies).
  • On your nightstand or on the wall next to your bed.
  • On the wall of a hobby area, toolshed, etc.
  • As a marker in a book you're reading.
  • On the wall right by the door where you exit your home or office, or on the inside of the door itself;
  • The dashboard of your car.
  • Your refrigerator door;
  • In an email to yourself.
  • As a reminder with an alarm in your computer calendar.
  • On your voicemail or recording machine so you can't help but bump into it when picking up messages.
  • With your child. Give him/her a few printouts of it and offer a monetary reward every day they remember to give it to you. You child may want to create a artistic version of it and surprise you.
  • In an envelope that you snail mail to yourself.
  • If you can afford it, on a bill board somewhere in town.
  • Recorded over and over, with your voice, on a cassette or CD, which you can playback as you relax or as you fall asleep.
  • (Can you think of other places?)

As you take the statement deeper inside of you, you will accept it more and you believe it more and more.

There may be times in your day (hopefully a lot) where you will think of the statement. When you do, issue an acknowledgement inside yourself that it's true, whether you think it's true or not (it is true). You might smile to yourself to act the part of a joyful receiver. You could jump up and click your heels because it's incredible and exciting!

By the way, initially you may not think of the statement often (the reminders, above, will help prevent this). If that's the case, it is not a problem. Don't worry. It is still having a positive effect on you. The intention behind your statement is making it happen. AND, you may want to do some of the following which will accelerate the process:

  • Repeat it out loud with your full voice or as an utterance, as is appropriate for the setting you are in;

  • Think it inside (repeating it over and over in your mind like a mantra; it may turn into a rhythm and a melody, if you like humming tunes).

  • Visual the statement happening through a mental picture that you conjure up. See the details: color, location, people involved, scent, sound, your feelings, your facial expression and happiness with it, etc. Make it real.

  • Just know and trust that this process works.

  • Reinforcing the idea, when you see the statement, with an utterance under your breath by use one of these words/phrases: So be it...Amen....Yes....Right on....You bet.....Thank You.... or whatever words having similar meaning for you.

  • You could write a letter, addressed to youself, from a person who finds out that you got what you wanted and has written the letter to congratulate you. (could be a letter giving you an award, or with a check for a large sum of money, or from you spouse thanking you for taking care of yourself in this way (get the idea? you are doing everything BASED on it already being true).

  • (Can you think of other uses?)


Place the cursor on the white bar for the stock selections, above and instead of choosing the middle part with your eyes open, close your eyes and move the cursor down a bit and then let up and see where it lands. You could consider the phrase that you end up with to be the perfect phrase for you (it has been said that there are no accidents). Try it and see if it works for you. It's fun. Trust the power of your inner-knowing (which doesn't need physical vision to function).

For statements about you two, you may want to experiment using, "We Are", instead of "I Am". The two of you could experiment by creating a statement together and saying a statement out loud together. One couple sat facing each other and said the statement in unison very slowly for 5 minutes and experienced whatever came up as they did this. Experiment. By all means, play with all this and let it go further. It is our hope that you will have fun with everything we present here and throughout The Marriage Toolbox. Thank you for reading through to this point.

  Any questions on how to make this work? Honestly. If you do, don't hesitate for a moment to Email us as we would be most happy to assist. Also, let us know of any tips or tricks you use to make this work for you.

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