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Creating Life

Words For the Fridge Door...

Turn your printer on. Use special fonts. Mix font sizes. Play with colors. Put a quote or two on your refrigerator, dresser mirror, bathroom mirror, near the hallway light switch, front door so you can't miss it when you walk out, back screen door, car dashboard, water bottle, wrist, bike handlebar, tucked in your wallet, on your tent door or entrance to your dark room, on your underwear, in your shoe, or on something special in your cave. Oh, and you've got to make up your own quote (we each have words that remind us of what's important).

"Growth is the only evidence of life." - John Henry Newman

"The sky has to get dark first before you can see the stars." - Said by Monica on Touched by an Angel

"The first thing I look for is the beauty within." - Sung by Garth Brooks

"This love isn't the love of, 'Now, do what I want you to do or I won't believe you love me'. It's the love of, 'Whatever you do, I love you'. This is pure love. It can't just be stated; that's lip service. You have to demonstrate that love, every day-in ways you never dreamed of." John-Roger

"I don't say we all ought to misbehave, but we ought to look as if we could." Orson Welles

"Withheld anger destroys relationships by sucking the life out of them."
- Brad Blanton, Ph.D.

"Marriage is an opportunity to have more good in your life than you ever dreamed possible. It's that good" -The MTB (us)

"Think of peace as more than just being possible or somewhere 'out there'. Think of peace as inside of you, right now, in your breathing. Feel your breathing for a few moments. . . Right now. . . while you're looking in the monitor and reading this word. That's your peace." -The MTB (us)

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