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First Meetings

First meeting stories are truly amazing. We just love them. I mean, think about it. There

are billions of people on the planet and billions of possibilities with relationships. It's a

wonder that two particular people come together at all. Do you have a first meeting

story that you could share? We'd love to read it. Thank you in advance for taking time

out of your busy life to share your story. Don't worry about writing or anything like that.

You can tell it your own words and guaranteed it will be perfect.


We met at a Cardinal's football game. I sat behind her. We both had purchased season tickets.I was surprised to meet a girl who liked football. Listen, when you find a girl who's interested in football, she's a keeper!

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And there is a most wonderful story about a couple that had been working in the same professional field but didn't know it and then purchased their individual homes right next door to each other but didn't know it and then while working in their backyards met each other and got to know each other which led to this and that and that and THAT and then tying the knot (they know it now!).


Wade and I met hiking the Appalachian Trail. He was hiking the entire trail for his second time, and I was hiking it for the first time with my two dogs. We met walking in the woods just outside Hot Springs. He was getting water from a stream and my dogs ran up to him. Narf helped himself to Wade's bag on trail snacks and muddied up the stream. Benorf and I both fell in love with him right then. I because he didn't get upset by Narf's serious lack of trail etiquette, and Benorf because Wade was tall and had long legs that she could walk between and allow him to scratch her back. We all camped on top of Max Patch Mountain that night and talked under the stars even though it was extremely cold. I was afraid to let the night end so rather than interrupting the flow of conversation to go get my sleeping bag I pulled Narf up on top of me for warmth. The next morning it was raining and Wade was packed and ready to go, but instead of leaving he waited in the rain while I packed up my tent and all my gear and we walked off together and have been together ever since.


I first met my husband when I was seventeen years old. I was taking the bus to meet my father at his work - he was taking me to buy my first car. While I was standing at the bus stop just up the hill from an intersection, I noticed this guy watching me from the corner at the bottom of the hill. It made me smile at first, and then a little uncomfortable. Then he started walking across the intersection towards the other side of the street - but the whole time he was walking he kept looking back at me and smiling. I thought it was kind of cute - although he didn't typically look like the type of guy that I was attracted to. He had long black hair past his shoulders, a torn black leather jacket, and had a 3-day growth on his beard. When he got to the opposite corner of the intersection, he just leaned against the building and watched me - flirting with me with the sexy look in his eyes and his sweet little grin. I couldn't help but smile back and at the same time
I kept thinking to myself "what a silly guy for standing there and staring at me like that!" Well then, he started walking back across the intersection to the same side of the street as I was on! I kept thinking "Oh my god! Why is he coming back over here! Where is my bus! Oh my god, why did I smile at him!" Needless to say - my bus didn't get to me before he did. We talked briefly, small talk about where I was going, etc. And then he asked if he could call me and we could go out sometime. I don't know what possessed me to give him my telephone number - it was so out of my character to give my number to a guy I didn't even know at all. Looking back I believe it was some type of fate - like we made a connection without really understanding it at the time. Anyways, my bus came along and he went his way, and I went to buy my car. Within a couple of days he called and we made plans to go for coffee. I had my car then, and so I was to pick him up at his brother's home where he was living at the time, and we would go out from there. The date was set. Unfortunately, there was a mix up in the address he gave me. I spent an hour and a half trying to find the address on 10th Street that I later found out was actually on 10th Avenue! Thinking that I had been stood up, I decided to go back home and forget about persuing this date. And since I didn't have his number, there wasn't much I could do anyways. I carried on with my friends as usual - going out, meeting lots of new people, and having fun.

FOUR MONTHS LATER..........I get this phone call, from a guy, and the first thing he says is "guess who this is?" Well, during the past four months I had met a lot of new people, and a lot of guys, so I started naming all of the guys that I could think of. By the time I named the fifth or sixth guy I knew, he interupted by saying "maybe it wasn't such a good idea that I called". He finally tells me that he's the guy that I met at the
bus stop, and asks me why I stood him up on our date! (To this day we still disagree as to whose mistake this really was.) By this time he had his own place and we did get together for coffee. In only 2 short
weeks we had fallen so deeply in love with each that it scared the both of us - especially since we were both still quite young. Within 3 months he asked me to marry him - and after 9 months I finally said "yes". A year and a half after we first met - we were married in the summer of 1981. I was nineteen, and he was twenty-two.

EIGHTEEN AND A HALF YEARS AND TWO CHILDREN LATER (boy now 15 yrs old & girl now 12 yrs old), we are still happily married. Married life has its ups and downs, but we have grown strong together and still talk about growing old together-how we want it to be. We still work at following our dreams. We still hug and hold hands, kiss each other good-night, say 'I love you', and say 'I'm sorry'. We are honest, but not hurtful, with each other when we are happy, angry, or sad. We've learned how not to go to bed angry with each other. We are grateful for all that we have and try not to take any of it for granted. We help others as much as we can - its our way to give back for all of the help others have given to us over the years. We do our very best to teach our children by example what a good marriage looks like, and how to be in a successful marriage so that they can take the best of what we teach them and build on that for themselves. It is our responsiblity as their parents - who else is going to teach them? It's our legacy to them and their children - so that their families learn how to be healthy and strong. I have learned a lot about relationships in my short 38 years - I am gratelful for the incredible insights and gifts that were passed on to me that have ensured the success of all of my relationships - but especially for my marriage. If I can help just one other person with their relationship just by sharing my story - then spending the time to write this letter will have been worth it. You get what you are willing to work for.


We first met through a letter. I was a receptionist for a small corporation in Western New York. He was a Marine stationed in North Carolina. He was currently serving in Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East. One of the executives at the company I worked for was starting a letter drive. Her nephew was serving in the gulf war and she knew how important morale was to the young men and women serving in the Middle East.

So I wrote a letter. Amazingly enough, this really nice man responded. The letter was very simple, very basic. I liked the way this Staff Sgt. was straightfoward. He was just looking for a friend. He was single and practically alone in this world. He was just nice. We formed a friendship. Letters crossed paths constantly during the next year. We must have written to each other at least three or four times a week in the last half of that year.

I came home from work to my parent house to hear the phone ringing. I nearly died. It was "him". He had returned to North Carolina from the Middle East. He wanted to come meet me in person. He stressed there was no pressure involved. He just wanted to thank me for being there for him during that incredibly long year. I should have know then. My heart nearly beat itself out of my chest, I was so excited. Not that I would admit it to anyone!

So he drove up from North Carolina to Western New York. My first glimpse of him in person is difficult to explain. It was as if I had also just found my way home. He was suppose to stay three days. He stayed a week. When he left, we were engaged to be married. We married three months later.

Now, just under 9 years and three children later, we still are madly in love. There have been bumps in the road, but we know that we were meant to be together. How else could I say, I met my husband in Iraq.....while I was in Buffalo?

We'd Sure love to read your First Meeting story.


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