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This site is also a forum between families. What one family knows, another may not know. If what one family knows doesn't go beyond that family, no one else can learn from it. But when it is shared and received by another family, it's as if the receiving family was, all along, part of the giving family.

Another way to say it is that what you have to say is important. It really is. These are more than nice sounding words. They are true.And because of at least one reason: you are unique. There is no one! who has experienced exactly what you have experienced in the way that you have experienced it. There is no one who knows about the lessons you have learned and who could share them quite like you. Get the idea?

With a fanfare like this, how could we not feel excited to know what you know so that we can share it with another family. Isn't this a cool idea? And so, we request and would be so honored to receive an email from you about something from your marriage/family experience, so we may pass it along. This could be anonymous. It doesn't have to be in good English or grammar. Whatever way you share it will be perfect. Honestly. Thank You for considering my appeal. Paul

Are you from outside the USA and North America? How does your culture or tradition look at marriage and long-term relationships and romance? We would love to hear about marriage in your country. We most certainly could learn from your marriages. Is there something that you think would surprise us? That would be really funny? We would love to hear about your country. Email us.
  What if something you shared made it a whole lot easier for a bride and groom
in creating their marriage? What if they said "Whoever took the time to share that
was really thoughtful and we just can't thank them enough".

What if something you wrote rekindled a marriage for someone? Or led to a new insight in
a spouse or an idea that sparked a smile that was dormant for years? This could
happen you know.

  Need an idea? Consider these topics:  
  First Meeting Stories
How did you two meet? What did you first say to each other? How were you each acting? Was it love and marriage at first sight? Did one of you resist the other? Was it funny? Tell us about it.

Second Meeting Stories
Did you two meet again? Did you meet earlier but weren't interested? Then you really met? Did you get married, get divorced and get married again? How did that happen? What was different about you the 2nd time? Or is your second meeting story something entirely different? Email us--we'd like to know.

Wedding Week
What was wedding week like for you? Were you nervous? Worried? What was it like with out of town family in town? Did the parents get along? Did anything funny happen? Was there anything challenging that made you frustrated and angry? Any tips you could pass on that could make it easier for engaged couples now? Any advice which, if you knew, would have spared you a lot?, Made it simpler? Currently engaged couples would love hearing from you.

The First Year
What was the first year like for you? Was the 1st year harder or easier? Did anything surprise you in the 1st year? What was the biggest challenge for you? For your spouse? Did you blend a family? What was that like for everyone? What would you say to engaged couples who think that the 1st year is just a continuation of the engagement period? Tell us about it.

Younger Wonders
Grownups can learn a lot from kids. If you have a child, he/she may have written or drawn something - or would - about marriage, love or friendship. Because we know that children are perceptive and brilliant, we would love to receive something from your child that could help us floundering adults. Email us.

Tips and Tricks In General
Basically, this would be something about what has worked for you two in solving something challenging. Perhaps something that you used to end a "fight" or communication stalemate. Or something that rekindled your passion. Or make you laugh hysterically. Email us---we can't wait to read it.


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