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About the Publisher

The Person Behind It

First, let me say what I'm not. I am not an expert or someone who knows what is right or wrong for someone else. I am not a therapist and I am not perfect (I fall short of ideals all the time and have to pick myself up like everyone else).

Who I am is a person that has put time and energy into learning from his experiences in the RSHK (Relationship School of Hard Knocks). When I have fallen in the past, I swiftly sought to learn the lessons that I believed the experience came along to teach me. I used tools: I journaled; I talked; I released the feelings I was feeling; and most of all, I was honest to myself about what my part was and what I needed to work on in order for it not to repeat again.

My most important credentials then, are my being the person I am at this point, including my passion to use my skills to be of service to married couples in any way I can. Just like "friends of the court" that we have in our judicial system, I feel that I am a "friend of marriage.".

Professionally, I publish one of the oldest marriage sites on the internet (this site), have a master's degree in spiritual science, a doctorate in law, have taken dozens of relationship seminars and retreats in the past 23 years, am in my ninth year as a fulltime--very, I might add-- non-denominational wedding officiant in one of the largest wedding markets in the country, publish the #1 site in the country that matches engaged and married couples with ceremony officiants, and have counseled many hundreds of couples, privately, as a facilitator of engaged couples workshops and as a writer and marriage coach for The Marriage Toolbox.

In a sentence, I can say, that the one thing I know for sure, is that the #1 ingredient for a lasting and magical marriage relationship, or any relationship for that matter, lies in how well the two people use the tools of communication together.

THESE are the reasons I have published this site, and in my humble opinion, was qualified to do so.

Paul Michael

If you would like to know more about my personal approach as an wedding officiant, visit: Meet Reverend Paul Michael


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